Back porch office turned guest room part 1: furniture and paint

With baby 2 on the way space is a real problem. So my husbands weird small office is becoming a guest room for grandma/live in nanny.

Once I had the room emptied out I got to see what I was really working with.


So  yeah it’s a really small space!
It’s basically 6feet 4inches by 12 feet 2 inches. It’s a room the size of a jail cell that contains one door 5 windows a radiator and a weird alcove that was once a door.

So I made a list of what I needed in the room

  • A bed for one or two guests
  • Storage
  • A place for a tv and a computer
  • A chair

Step :  was finding a bed because I knew that would be the most expensive and largest piece in the room.


After checking Target, World Market, and the farthest corners of the internet I decided that the only option was obvious. I had to go to ikea.

So I decided the Hemnes was the total answer. I could accommodate 1 or 2 guests, wouldn’t take up too much room when not pulled out, looks good, under 300$ and has storage drawers! The only problem? Its 79″ wide and my room is 76 inches wide.

Plan B…  The Brimnes is sort of the same thing, not quite as cute, but cheaper, still has storage stills pulls out and I think it will fit its 76 3/4 inches. And my little room measures between between 76 and 77 inches depending on where we measure(also i should mentions the people who owned the place before me were idiots and nothing that they touched is properly finished square or level).

Step 2: So that means I now need something for a tv & desk…


Done and it fits on the wall next to the doorway.  But that leave a bit of floor space for a small chair but no dresser or anything.  The bed does have storage but not enough. So the weird alcove is getting custom shelves. But later, first paint.

Yes my favorite!

Step 3: Paint!

I went to Home depot with no ideas and waited for something to jump out at me.

I fell in love with

And because its a small space and with limited wall space and white furniture I could go big. So all the walls go Coral…

IMG_2398And then I decide to do the mint on top in a Chevron. I spent hours  combing the internet not sure if this was gonna be too hard and then stumbled onto this great blog post with is formula: height/2x = space between lines where x = the number of chevrons. And I like math so this made it seem much more doable. Basically you just decide how many chevrons you want (say 5), and how tall your wall is (118 inches). then its 118/2*5=11.8 inches. So easy, but 11.8 is a crazy specific number so I rounded to 12. I then needed to make a grid on my wall. But as I mentioned nothing is level, not the slope of the floor or the ceiling,

So had I just been lazy and measured up 12 inches from the floor or down 12 from the ceiling my lines would have been crooked and I would have been really unhappy with the finished product. I needed to start somewhere in the middle of the wall and work my way out.  But I was worried that even though my lines were straight it would appear crooked to the eye when looking at it compared to the ceiling. My solution? I lined up my first grid line with the top of the window, which I knew was level and which would adjust your eye to the pattern.

One it was measured and in grid boxes I simply connected the corners of the boxes like so…

chevron how toSo heres my tape

this is the wall all taped
this is the wall all taped
Notice how some of the stripes look narrower and closer together? Thats because of the whole INSIDE/OUTSIDE tape thing.

Next I edge locked all my tape by painting over it with the coral…

then you go back over the tape with a brush of the background color. Because that edge lock tape doesn't work, and this way the color doesn't bleed.
then you go back over the tape with a brush of the background color. Because that edge lock tape doesn’t work, and this way the color doesn’t bleed.
Then i painted my stripes and they look like this!

then paint! and when you remove the tape it looks like this

Its off to a pretty good start…

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